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· As a session musician, I have played on dozens of assorted jingles, movie soundtracks, records and demo sessions.

· Staff writer/A&R for Cream Publishing Group in Los Angeles, from 1980 thru 1985.

· Over the years I have played countless casuals encompassing all musical styles and situations including: Tours of the US, Europe, and Japan.


· Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA Music Ed
· Bass Institute of Technology, Los Angeles, CA


· I double on guitar, vocals, keys and trombone and have all the necessary amps, effects, etc. to cover any venue. I have a complete rehearsal studio in my home including roland digital piano, yamaha drums, and hammond organ

· Basses: Sadowsky 5 string (Primary instrument).. Fender Roscoe Beck 5 String (Sensational H.G .Thor Fretless Epoxy Conversion ).. Fender 1960 Precision (fretless w/ Jaco poxy).. 1940's Kay 3/4 upright.. Hohner Acoustic Bass Guitar, Modulus Quantum 5,

· Guitars: Fender Telecaster.. Fender Stratocaster.. Alvarez Yairi DY 95.. Cordoba 50 R Classical.. Gibson ES 335.. Guild X-500

· Amplification: Aguilar, BBE, Ampeg, Mark Bass, Epifani, Genz Benz, Fender, Carvin, SWR, JBL, Modest P.A. System, 2 Vans available.

As a sideman, I have played with, auditioned for, or hired by the following artists:

Greg Allman

Bo Diddley

David Sanborn

Jeff Baxter

Dixie Cups

King Solomon

George Benson

Sheila E.

Maureen McGovern

Chuck Berry

Brian Eno

Paper Cymbal

Kenny Blake

Russ Freeman

Johnny Rodriquez

Blue Shoes

Robert Fripp

Little Richard

Delaney Bramlett

Lowell Fulson

Leon Russell

Terry Bozzio

Marvin Gaye

Sandler & Young

Roy Buchannan

Gentle Giant


Hiram Bullock

Stan Getz

Billy Swan

James Burton

Granati Brothers

Ike Turner

Gary Busey

Billy Hart

Gino Vannelli

Thumbs Carlisle

Todd Hart

Bobby Vinton


Donnie Iris


Lou Christie

Tommy James

Wah Wah Watson

Corbin & Hanner

Phil Keaggy


Pee Wee Crayton

Sue Kent

Richard Zunigar

Warren Curucullo

Richard Kimball

George Blondheim

Eric Leeds

Barry Levenson


Guitar Shorty

Paris James


Spooner Oldham

David Werner

Chris Ho

Pat Mastelotto

Chris Michalek

Willie Oteri

Long John Hunter

Sid McInnis

Jason Ricci

Steve Dudas

Michel Columbier

Spencer Day

Stu Hamm

Jay Terrien

Jerry Marotta

Cat McLean

Jon Mulvey

Jay Soto

Amy Schugar

Steve McCarty

Harold Betters

Larry McGee
Eric Kloss
Mark Thomas


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